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You have entered a place where Time runs differently, where the Laws of Nature and Physics don't always apply. Where we are Free. To chase the Wind

Welcome to Terra RPG, an online RPG based on the world Terra. We are few and friendly and welcome all travelers that seek adventure. To find out more about us, click on one of the links to the left. We hope you enjoy your visit and even decide to stay with us for a while.

NEWS: SEPTEMBER 6th, 2001The RPG has officialy begun! Head on over to our club's message boards to play! (Terra RPG)
OLD NEWS: Hi! I'm Yelitza, webmistress and creator of TerraRPG, and I want to welcome you to our homepage. I am currently working hard on it, so do expect new things to come. If you have any questions, just send me an email.

TerraRPG is ©YMV All characters, stories and artwork is ©YMV and the members of TerraRPG. Do not take anything without writen permisson. To ask permission, email the owner.