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You have entered a place where Time runs differently, where the Laws of Nature and Physics don't always apply. Where we are Free. To chase the Wind

About us

TerraRPG began as an idea of my head in and around winter '99 and the early '00. It began as my personal website, it had some stories and some artwork, and information about a fantasy/scifi world I had made up to go along with my stories. That website does still exist and the last time I updated it was July '01 I think. As I began getting interested in RPGs, I thought, why not make my own? Little did I know then how hard this would be. With the help of my friend, Becca, we got started and gave life to my idea. And so, almost 3 years later, here we are.

The RPG is based and centered on my world of Terra. The Terra Chronicles are stories that take place in this world. The actual game hasn't started yet, but this is how it will work: I will give out a scenario, and the memebers will role-play how heir characters react to that scenario. Then I'll give out another scenarios and so forth, and all of them will make up one big story. The scenarios will be like rounds, and the final round will most likely be RPed in real-life time. If you happen to join us in the middle of a scenario, it's ok, just incorporate your character into what's going on, it's almost like writing a story. We RP via message boards, so as not to clutter people's inbox. If you want more info about the actual world, just head on over to the original site: Terra. And if you still need more info. drop me a line.

TerraRPG is ©YMV All characters, stories and artwork is ©YMV and the members of TerraRPG. Do not take anything without writen permisson. To ask permission, email the owner.